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ditch the pads.
try great leak-proof period underwear.

What are period panties?

great leak-proof underwear that absorbs blood, pee or sweat without the need for pads or tampons

Will period underwear work for me?

The great thing about period panties is that they can be used in so many ways! With that said, every woman is different. Some woman prefer the comfort of relying solely on period panties during their cycle. Other woman, prefer to use them in conjunction with pads or tampons for extra protection. And others only wear them at night to enjoy a peaceful nights rest without worrying about stains or leaks the next morning! Basically these period panties look and feel like regular underwear --- but with super absorbent power!

What are period panties?

Period panties are designed to absorb your period (or pee or sweat) without the need for pads or tampons. They contour to your body and can handle even the most active of lifestyles. From light flows to heavy flows, our underwear will keep you leak-free and protected. They are breathable, absorb moisture, and are more secure than those dreaded pads and tampons! These aren't your grandma's period panties by any means.

super absorbent

holds up to 4 tampons' worth* without feeling bulky or sticky


our breathable fabric dries fast and draws away wetness

odor blocking

neutralizes odors to keep you feeling fresh all day and night long

leak protection

no more worrying about embarrasing leaks or stained sheets with four layers of super leak protection

AVIVA Period Panties have changed my life. I used to be so worried about leaking due to my heavy flow and was constantly avoiding certain activities. But now -- there is nothing I can't do confidently! Not only do they absorb anything even during my heavy flow days, they have so many cute styles to choose from. Thank you AVIVA for giving woman peace of mind to accomplish anything no matter what time of the month! -- Estella from Grand Rapids, Michigan

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